Lansing Police Still Haven’t Done Anything With The Officer That Choked Teen

Lansing Police Still Do Nothing About Minor That Was Attacked


People are still wanting answers to why the Lansing police have not taken any further actions against the off duty officer who was seen in a video attacking and choking a 15 year child after his friend had got beaten up moments earlier by some other teens.

The video that was recorded by the 15 year old’s friend  were you can hear the victim pleading with the off duty officer to please stop choking him and he didn’t do anything  and the only reason he was  there was to help  his friend that had gotten beaten up and he was just checking on him.

The video also shows the off- duty officer continuing  to attack the teenager and even threatening to kill him. Both the minors can be heard begging the attack to stop and they would leave the property, but the assault continues and the officer can be heard on the video demanding the phone from the other teenager who continued to record the assault. (probably cause he know what he was doing was wrong)