Pure Savagery : Angry Driver Shoots 18 year old Woman in The Head

Angry Motorist Murder’s Teen Driver

18 year old Bianca Roberson life came to a tragic and violent end on last Wednesday ,when she was on her way home she and another driver ended up getting into an almost “cat and mouse” back and forth on the road, were authorities believe  that one of the drivers cut the other one off, both drivers ended up coming to a single lane merge on Route 202 and neither party was willing to slow down and let the other driver pass and that’s when David Desper  the driver in the other car pulled out his 40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun and shot Bianca Roberson in the head, killing her instantly.

Desper immediately fled the scene after murdering the 18 year old high school graduate and evaded police for almost 5 days after the killing. Police were able to collect enough evidence and with the help of the public he was forced to turn himself in today via his lawyer.