Kanye West is Trying To Break Free From Jay-Z and Tidal

Kanye West Want’s Out of Tidal

Kanye West has been quite this year following the recent robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian and him having emotion break-downs of stage, during his “Life of Pablo Tour” were fans began to complain that Kanye West was not only showing up extremely late to the venues but the rapper was not even preforming. Most fans stated that the rapper would often times stop between his songs and rant about the industry and how fake everybody is; including his one time mentor and friend Jay-Z.

After Kanye West made headlines for dissing Jay-Z and others in the music industry , he canceled the remainder of his tour and left the public for almost a year, to spend time with his family. Well Kanye West is back and now the rapper/ fashion mogul is attacking Jay-Z and Tidal yet again claiming that Tidal has never paid him any type of royalties or bonuses for the exclusive rights for his “Life of Pablo” Album which brought Tidal streaming service almost 1.5 million new subscribers. Kanye stated that he has not been fully compensated for his services and is now demanding that he be released from his agreement with Tidal on any further ventures.