Anything For Likes : Mother To Be Shoots And Kills Boyfriend For Youtube Stunt

 Youtube Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong! 


Expecting mother to be MonaLisa Perez has been charged with 2nd degree murder, after she and her boyfriend 22 year old  Pedro Ruiz III attempted to create a viral Youtube stunt, where they would attempt to shoot a loaded gun through a large book and see if the bullet was able to penetrate all of the pages.

Perez fired the gun, missing the book and striking her boyfriend in the chest. Even sadder was the fact that the couples 3 year old daughter was present in the room while they were attempting the stunt and witness the whole thing. Mr. Ruiz was transferred to hospital but ended up dying from his injuries.

Ms. Perez is currently being held in  Crookston, Minnesota with no bail set.