11 Year Black Police Veteran- Get’s Shot By Officer’s He Was Trying To Help

11 Year Black Police vet, Get’s Shot Trying Help Out


38 year old black officer that was off duty heard some commotion  going on outside in a neighborhood that he lives in and decided to try to go outside and assist some of his fellow officers in a attempt to capture suspects that were fleeing the scene after a high speed chase. The Black officer did go outside with his service weapon and was immediately told to get on the ground in which he complied. After some of the officers recognized him as being a fellow officer, they then directed him to get back up and come towards them.

As the 38 year started to walk towards his colleagues another officer, responding to the call noticed a black male with a gun walking toward other officers and began to shoot, Striking his fellow officer in the arm.  The off duty black officer was taken to the hospital were he is expected to make a full recovery from  his injuries.

The other officer responsible for firing the shot, has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation into the shooting.