Cardi B Might Be Looking To Be Nicki Minaj’s Replacement in The Rap Game

Cardi B Might Be Replacing Nicki Minaj 

Rapper Cardi B has been getting a lot of attention in the hip hop world with her fresh lyrics and new style, most rappers and fans have already began to compare the 24 year old rapper to one of the largest female rappers in the game (Nicki Minaj) and ever since Nicki has struggled to gain back her relevance within the hip hop world, after Remy Ma dissed her on ShEther, many fans have claimed that Nicki has given up on rap and is focusing on being a pop-star now.

Nicki Minaj did try to respond to Remy Ma’s diss track, with a track of her own titled “No Frauds” with label mate Drake and Lil Wayne; but fans weren’t feeling it and awarded Nicki Minaj with the “L”. Now that it seems Nicki Minaj star is fading out, lots of fans are saying Cardi B might be next to take the throne for female rappers.