The BEST Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

These are few of the BEST Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil…Trust me!

Have you ever known a product that was just all around useful….I mean for just about everything but washing your car! (….even that may be debatable lol) Coconut Oil is it! It is very affordable, you can find at just about any local grocery store usually ranging between $3.99 to $18 (Organic version is a tad bit higher in cost). Coconut contains healthy fats called MCFAs, medium-chain fatty acids. What the hell does that mean ???? It means they are good for you duhhh!  No, really! Those fats are smaller and processed by your liver, which allows them to be turned into energy instead of being stored in your body as fat. They are also easier for your body to digest. You know what that means, right? You can work on being “Summertime Fine” all year long since one of its many uses is for weight loss. Small changes like using coconut oil as you primary cooking oil instead of vegetable oil or peanut oil will definitely benefit your diet.

What else is coconut oil good for you ask?

Overall Health :

1. Known to give your immune system a boost,
2. Help digestion
3. Help with reducing plaque formation on your teeth
4. Stress relief (a good, soothing temple massage)
5. Energy Boost

Beauty Benefits :

1. Improves dry hair or dandruff, adds shine to hair
2. Healthy hair growth
3. Skin Moisturizer for all types of skin
4. Assists with treating skin problems ( ex: eczema, psoriasis)

Household Uses :

1. Removes crayon from walls
2. Lubricate squeaky door and cabinet hinges
3. Helps prevent water stains in your sink
4. Lift floor scuffs
5. Removes labels from glass, wood, and plastic

Yes! It does all of that and more…..If you didn’t know, now you do!

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