Man Beats 17 Year Old Muslim Girl To Death With Bat & Police Say it Was “Road Rage”

Police Claim Murder of Muslim Girl Nothing More Than “Road Rage”


The murder of 17 year old Nabra Hassanen has already been extremely  devastating for the family of the victim,who had just finished eating with some of her friends at a IHOP restaurant and were en-route to return back to the mosque for prayer and that’s when friends of the victim stated they began to get harassed by a motorist.

The group managed to flee the area, but Nabra Hassanen had been wearing a abaya- which is a gown/dress  popular with Muslim women. Reports claim that Hassanen had tripped over her dress and was beaten  to death with a baseball bat. Authorities recovered her beaten body hours later in a pond and have since made an arrest in the case.

Although police have captured the suspect 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, police have upset the Muslim community stating that the incident was nothing more than a road rage incident and had nothing to do with a hate crime.

 Muslim Americans find it hard to accept that Hassanen’s religion didn’t play a factor in her murder, especially when rising Islamophobia, and in the context of President Donald Trump’s