The Daily Show Host Treavor Noah Calls out The NRA, After Death of Black Motorist

Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Goes After The NRA


The Daily Show host Trevor Noah during a segment on the show “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” took time out to speak on the murder of black motorist Philando Castile by Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who was acquitted on all charges of shooting the him, after pulling him over after believing that he was responsible for a recent robbery of a local gas station and then claiming that he only shot Mr. Castile after he made an attempt to reach for his gun, even though Mr. Castile told the officer that he did have a weapon and it was legal registered and he did have a permit to carry.

Trevor Noah didn’t hold back on the criticism of the NRA, who bases their who platform on gun rights and the rights to carry firearms, yet when a black man with a legal permit is killed , the organization remained silent.