Jada Pinkett-Smith Criticizes 2pac Bio-Pic, But Made NO attempt to Make It??

Celebrities Not Feeling 2pac Bio Movie 

The New Tupac hit theaters earlier this week and has already received a lot of criticism from people that were close to Tupac, in regards to how his life was portrayed and how  multiple elements of the story line were either inaccurate or false.  One of the biggest critics of the movie was one Tupac Shakur’s best friends Jada Pinkett-Smih, who praised the actor’s, but was very critical to the production of the movie and the authenticity.

Rapper 50 cent also chimed in on the movie, with pretty harsh criticism of how the late rapper’s bio pic . The only issue I see with both Jada Pinkett Smith and 50 cent criticizing the movie is both these individuals have ties to Hollywood and have produced movies and TV shows before and yet neither one of the attempted to make any efforts to make the Bio pic; Especially Jada Pinkett-Smith who actually knew the late rapper from childhood.

Why criticize something that you had the opportunity to do??