Don’t Play No Games With Me: Woman Drowns Rabid Raccoon After Biting Her

Woman Drowns Crazed Raccoon 

Rachel Borch went on a morning jog around her neighborhood down a wooded trail that she had travel on many times, but the regular morning jog that she normally taken was interrupted when she was attacked by a rabid Raccoon that came from the wooded brush and began to bite her on the legs and the ankle. Ms. Borch managed to fight back against the creature by grabbing it and drowning it , in a puddle that had formed due to some raining the day before.

After the horrifying event Ms. Borch managed to make it home and seek medical attention, She later gave an interview to a local news stations were she admitted to being a vegetarian and stated that she had never had to kill a animal with her bare hands , but it was self defense and she had to protect herself.