Donald Trump is Going on The Attack After Being Confirmed on Being Under Investigation

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Donald Trump is Sounding off on Twitter!


Donald Trump is really having a hard time when it comes to being the president. We think he thought it would be just like running a multi-billion dollar company and you are the boss and everything and anything you say goes.  Donald Trump has now been confirmed as being placed under investigation for firing the former FBI director James Comey, it has been speculated that he only fired the FBI director because he refused to close out the investigation on Micheal Flynn and his administration for their possible ties to last years presidential election.

Donald Trump has taken to his Twitter account to once again blast the fake news media, for making false claims of him being under investigation for obstruction of justice and the possibility of him be impeached or even jailed.

But Twitter users on the other hand were having none of that and immediately started to clap back on his gripes about his unfair treatment and the false allegation, by providing him with facts……

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