Guy Plays Himself After Attempting to Rob a 7-11

Man Attempts To Rob 7-11 and Fails 


Tellwright On the 1st of June, 2017, a Florida man by the name of William J. Hall, decided he’d steal from his local 7-Eleven store. Whilst that alone may not seem all that shocking or dumb to many, the way in which he stole certainly will be!

The opportunistic and yet incredibly dumb criminal, decided the best way to steal would be by wearing extremely baggy jeans. So loose were the jeans, Mr Hall was able to cram around 15 containers of motor vehicle oil, along with 30 or more DVD’s into them.

Needless to say, the criminal then found himself to be awfully obvious to onlookers, including an undercover detective who actually noticed him waddling out of the store shortly after entering. Mr Hall actually walked right past the detective, without even realizing he had caught the entire incident. If it wasn’t for the dumb criminal trying to hold his own jeans up as he left the store, he would have quite literally been caught with his pants down.