Amber Rose Gets The Internet in a Frenzy With Crotch Post#amberroseslutwalk

Amber Rose Blows up the Internet


Amber Rose is getting the wrong kind of attention when she decided to post a picture on her Instagram of her showing her crotch in an attempt to bring attention to  what she is calling #amberroseslutwalk .Obviously the picture did not go get the kind of support that she was probably looking for, and many people calling Amber Rose out for not really addressing the true issue of slut shaming and women’s issues claiming that the model is nothing more than an attention seeker, with no true talent.

Even though the overall idea of the movement does have a great concept around how women should be treated, even if they are wearing revealing clothing and that society needs to stop minimizing rape culture and stop allowing the victims to feel as if they were asking for trouble, while turning a blind eye to the actual attackers.  Amber Rose just might not be the right person to represent this movement.