Let’s All Take The Time To Remember When Rick Ross Threw His Ex fiancé Lira Mercer in the Bushes

Looking Back at the Relationship of Rick Ross and Lira Mercer


Everyone take the time to remember how Rick Ross and his fiancé Lira Mercer were so much in love, that the biggest boss Rick Ross even moved her into the Hollyfield Estate, with plans on marrying her….All that came crashing down when some people of social media started to do some digging on Lira’s profile only to find out that she was nothing more than a MMG groupie begging Wale for a ring and even had a topless photo with her and other MMG label mate Meek Meek…..

The situation got really bad for rapper/ mogul Rick Ross because MMG is his record label and the boss can’t be making a wife outta that, so he threw her in the bushes.