Why Are Republican Lawmakers So Excited About Repealing So Many American’s Healthcare

The Republican Lawmaker Are All Smiles

While most of the Americans have benefited from the Affordable Obamacare and the attractive premiums, the Republican senators and the president, Donald Trump, have been very vocal and keen to repeal it. Republicans have argued various reasons for this onslaught against the affordable health act offered by the previous administration.The conservative Republican senators have argued that the Obamacare has created a conflict in the private insurance providers and meddled in the doctor-patient arrangements. They have argued that the private insurance premiums have gone up by a considerable margin so as to incline the citizens towards the state provided Obamacare. This goes back to the previous years where Republicans have always opposed the idea of state provided care and socializing of the Medicare.

This was a big political dynamite in the year 1946, with the American Medical Association leading the charge against the communist approach towards the medical plan in America.The Republicans have said that the policy does not stack up and sets the stage for a market failure. The 2017 medical premiums are going up by about 20%. Many insurers are losing money as the policy holder are getting sicker than anticipated, this burden, therefore, is being passed down to healthier younger generations that are being reluctant to sign up for the Obamacare. For this reason, Republicans argue that in as much the uninsured people dropped from 16% to 11%, this number is set to go up in the coming years if the care is not repealed.The repealing of Obamacare, from the political perspective, is an onslaught to make the republican government do away with the previous administration legacy and set up its own. Tom price, a Conservative health secretary, has often been quoted insinuating the Obamacare was an attempt to bring universal medicare which was meddling with the free doctor-patient relations.