7 Foot Great White Shark Jumps Into a 73 Year old Fisherman’s Boat!

Fisherman Cheats Death



An Australian man, Terry Selwood, 73, escaped death on his boat when a big white shark landed on his craft. Terry was casting a line in the tranquil waters at the similar spot he has been dropping a line for the past 50 years; when a 7-foot long and 440-pound shark dived into his boat on 28th May 2017. Selwood claimed that he just caught a haze coming at the corner of his eye, hit his forearm, twisted round and knocked him off.

Terry also narrated moving away to safety as the shark was madly wavering; when he looked down, he realized it was a shark in his boat. Terry is said to have lost his right forearm’s bit of skin that left him bleeding. The guard officers are supposed to have heard the strange news but couldn’t believe until they saw it.

The head of the salvage boat that took Terry to safety confirmed that the occurrence was not ordinary, adding that they typically find a lot of sharks around but not that jump into vessels.