How Does The Murder of Terrance Crutcher & Failure To Convict Betty Shelby- Mean To Black America

A Killer is  Free and a Family Grieves 

Many Police officers abuse their powers to commit crimes because they know they always go unchecked.Instead of them maintaining peace and order in the society they indeed create discomfort and bring about disharmony.They are paid to safeguard citizens lives and safety but they turn to be murderers who take away our lives.

September 16th, 2016, is a day which will always remain in the memories of Terrance Crutcher’s family.On this day Crutcher, who is black, had stalled his SUV in the middle of the street.A man called the police and said that a man had stalled a vehicle in the middle of the street and left running indicating that it was going to blow up. Two white police officers,Betty Shelby and Tyler Turnbough arrived on the scene.Shelby inspected the vehicle and she did not see anyone inside.As she was turning back to her car, she saw Terrance coming towards her with his hands in his pockets[as if he was searching for something from his pockets, maybe keys].Shelby instructed Crutcher”show me your hands”Terrance complied to the command….he was totally unarmed.Indeed he put his arms in the air….but Shelby proceeded in shooting him…

18th may this year, and Shelby was in court jury of nine women and three men deliberated for nine hours then delivered its verdict.The verdict was so vague…that Shelby was on unpaid leave for and she was found not to be guilt of being a first-degree murderer.And all the evidence inclusive of the footage taken during occurrence of the crime were brought into place.But the jury claimed that Shelby was not guilty after she said that Crutcher himself was the main cause of his death because he did not comply to the commands she delivered.She said before the court”I am guilty because if cruthcher had adhered to my command he would be alive today”

Shelby indeed killed Crutcher and he was totally unarmed because after his death and inspection,no weapon was found.The court frees a murderer….Where is justice???When will racism come to an end????