Iggy Azalea Rapper Career Been Over, But She Still Don’t Know

Iggy Azalea Been Done !

Rapper Iggy Azalea ain’t had a hit since 2014 “Fancy” and ever since she had been exposed as nothing more than a fake, in the hip-hop industry  who really couldn’t rap or even write her own verse, she has struggled with her attempt to transition from hip-hop/rap culture to the safer pop music; but has been having an extremely hard time due to the lack of being able to produce a hit single.

Iggy’s record label has been nicely delaying her album release date and pushing back her tour schedule because none the singles she has released managed to breakthrough on Billboards top 100. The Australian rapper  took to her Instagram to let her fans know (if any) that the reason why her record is still not out, is because her label has still not given her a release date and she began begging her fans to please take action and contact her record label and demand that they allow Iggy album to be released.

Someone please tell Iggy…. no one is checking for that.