Phil Stair Feels Like N***ers Are The Reason They Don’t Have Clean Water in Flint.

Blame The Poor For Corporate Greed


According to a now unemployed sales manager Phil Stair of Genesee County Land Bank the real reason why Flint is having such a water crisis is that “ni***** (who) don’t pay their bills.” are primarily  the  reason why they don’t have clean flowing water, that the city/state is responsible for providing to the residence.

Flint Michigan has not had clean water in almost a full year, the city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy and has been having a struggle with  high crime rates and double digit unemployment rates; but according to Mr. Stair the reason for all the greif is because N***rs.

Nothing to do with years of corporate greedy literally crippling there economy, and also remember that Mr. Stair employer did not FIRE him, they allowed him to resign.