OMG Judge Mathis Just Bodied Wendy Williams On Her Own Radio Show!!

Judge Mathis Bodies Wendy William’s 

Judge Mathis made a quick stop by talk show host Wendy Williams radio show to discuss his book and some upcoming projects he had in the works. The interview started of nice and slow for the first few minutes and then all  hell broke loose. Wendy Williams decided to bring you some allegations that another woman accused judge Mathis of having an affair and him using illegal drugs.

Judge Mathis immediately clapped back at Wendy Williams, calling her out for trying to spread false rumors to defame his character and his name ; while checking her about her actually being a drug abuser and her questionable lifestyle, that led to her having many abortions. The whole interview was pure gold and we sure that Wendy William’s new she bit off more than she could chew.