Never Forget When Rapper Desiigner Freestyles Who is G.O.A.T

Desiigner Dropping Struggle Bars

Who else remembers when rapper Desiigner went on Funk Master Flex radio show and put  on for his city…. and not in a good way. Desiigner might of produces a smash hit last year “Panda” which manage to make it all the way to number one, on Billboards top 100. But the young New York rapper has been catching some issues with capturing the masses again with his struggle bars and poor rapping skills.

Desiigner had no problem with voicing his concerns over how his own city, won’t give him any radio play when it comes to his music and any new projects he has been releasing . The real  truth about this is; do you blame them??? most of his music is trash and him doing weird dances.

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