Lil Wayne Lawsuit is Falling Apart Against Cash Money & Birdman Hands Rub’s Another

LIL Wayne is Stalled Again (4th time)


According to TMZ, rapper Lil Wayne has currently decided to call off his $51 million lawsuit, making the prospects of ever actually getting this substantial settlement rather grim. As he expressed on Twitter, the initial reason for the suit was because Cash Money Records and “Baby” (aka friend/rival Birdman) were refusing to release his album. When asked to describe the relationship he had with the label Cash Money Records, he further elaborated that he was a creative prisoner. Wayne, the New Orleans based rapper, has had a relationship with Cash Money Records since 1991–a time when he was only nine years old. Despite the longevity of this relationship, Wayne (whose actual name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) still has substantial grievances with the company, though his recent decision to call of the suit is a likely indicator both he and his representatives believe it is simply not a winnable case. Though it still remains possible that the case could be reengaged at a further point in time, in today’s legal landscape, this remains unlikely.