Johny Depp New Installment of the Multi Million Dollar Franchise Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell

The bottom line of this movie remains that Jack or Captain Jack Sparrow goes on another adventure to escape from a creepy villain, Salazar, who is after his life for vengeance. There is but one hope: to secure an old witched weapon. And now it’s beginning to feel like déjà vu because if you remember that’s what has been happening always.

The movie has elected supreme cast and some favorites, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley appear in it, however, it lacks motivation and energy. Though now and then Johnny will continue to lose a screw and make half-sensed jokes, it’s tiresome and even he is not up to his full exuberance.
This week’s special Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 opened with $40m on the first day at Worldwide Box Office which is below the expectations of many and is competing with Baywatch. With all the terrible reviews it won’t be just a rookie assumption to make that this movie is going to have a hard time.