Restaurant Owner Arrested For Shady Business Practices and Over Charging

Shady Restaurant Owner Arrested 


After a rude journey at work,Mark and Sam went to a restaurant which is five kilometers away from their office .They ordered their most preferred foods,the Chinese ones.The restaurant was crowded.They enjoyed their fried noodles meal accompanied by meat in ‘satay’ sauce.One hour later,Mark and Sam paid their bill and left the place.

When reaching the car park,they realized having paid a lot more when checking the receipt.They went back to the cashier and asked for some explanations.The cashier refused to listen to their complaints and they called the police.When the police reached there,they asked for the ‘order slip’ and receipt.They could notice that the two persons ordered for meat in ‘satay’ sauce but the receipt showed ‘monster prawns’.The owner refused to refund back the surplus amount paid as it was impossible for them to verify what they have eaten.

The police took away the owner of the restaurant and arrested him.