Pure Crazy :Goats climbing trees and eating away all fruits

Goats climbing trees and eating away all fruits

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In Morocco, in the region of Sous valley, which is a semi-desert area, it is quite difficult for trees to thrive. However, as per scientists probably an external force, which is quite an unlikely source, is helping in the process. The goats of this region are extremely fond of the argan fruit. So they climb up these tress, which are about 10 meters high, enjoy the fruit and spit the seeds out. They wander around little bit while fermenting the seeds in their mouths and then spit it out in some other area. Researchers say that the seedling has a much more survival rate if it is growing at a distance from the parent tree. Locals of the area encourage this activity and it has been found that they actually teach baby goats how to climb a tree and then how to climb down.