Melania Trump Must Really Despise Touching Donald Trump

Melania Trump vs Donald Trump 

While it is true that US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania has been properly briefed on how they should behave in public, the media was able to gather a series of evidences on Melania Trump’s alleged “disdain” towards her husband. It appears that like many average American ladies, Melania cannot stand her husband’s presence. America’s First Couple has a rough start as the leading couple in world politics.

The presidential inauguration last January was a bit awkward, and there were several other instances that seemed to prove that the American First Couple has a rocky marriage. At Trump’s inauguration, Melania was left in the car while Trump was already walking proudly toward the Obamas.

Melania seemed to have felt bad because right after President Trump turned his back from her, her face had a very stony look. On the inauguration weekend, Melania leaned away from their husband when they danced. Their faces also did not touch when they kissed. The brave Mrs. Trump fought back.

On February, Melania nudged President Trump when the American national anthem was played. It was because her husband’s right hand was not placed on his chest. Well, she did her part in reminding her husband on how they sing the American national anthem. To make things worse, everything was caught in the camera.

Now, the clearest evidence of Melania’s cold relationship with her husband has been caught on cam. Just last Monday, May 22, at the Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel, Melania shrugged off President Trump’s hand when he reached for her hand after they disembarked from the Air Force One.

Once again, the bold and brave Melania did this in a public event, not in a private place where there is no media coverage. This happened when the US First Couple joined the Israeli First Couple for a photograph.

Indeed, the whole world noticed in merely minutes. After a few hours, people were already expressing their opinions on the other instances that seemed to reveal that the American First Couple aren’t in good terms.

Despite the recent circumstances, President Trump’s supporters are hoping that this is just a phase in the huge adjustment the whole American First Family is going through at the moment.