Why Does Eveyone Feel Like Nicki Minaj is Struggling To Keep Her Spot as Queen of HipHop

The Struggle of Nicki Minaj 

They say that every child deserves a happy childhood. Nicki Minaj (Onika Tanya Maraj) did not have a happy one. In all her way though becoming a actor and finally becoming a singer, she went though a lot of changes. Even dough, she managed to build her self as a singer, actor and as a designer. But all that just shows that she didn’t find her way yet. Yes, she has great singles: “Anaconda”, “Monster”, “Looking ass”…..but Album? No. Listening her albums you will not find Nicki in her true pink color. Why is that? She transfer herself into a different style, a style that is not suiting her at all. She didn’t make a wish come true, she didn’t make it in the acting world, and now everything seems to be a try out.

Nicki doesn’t want to struggle in life, and I think that is the source of her change into an R&B directions. But she hasn’t found the right persons to work with her, and as long as it stays like that, she wont be able to show the world everything that she can be. She has no system of support, so she is by the influence of everyone around. The only person she can rely on is herself, and she is creating her one system of support: Never ending characters.

Don’t get me wrong, she is a great performer, a first female solo rapper on Grammy stage, wow, and so much more. But when you put on paper all her history in music world, you can not help yourself but to think: She needs to go back to the beginning! You need to made to do something, and she is made for rapping. All she needs to do, is find her way back to it.

We can all guess why is she struggling, but that is all guessing, as it is the true identity of Nicki Minaj.