The Decline of Rapper Lil Flip & Why He No Longer Mainstream

What Happened To Rapper Lil Flip 

Lil Flip was a rapper who gained the prestigious status of platinum success in the rap music industry. This was after his first album, Underground Legend and his mix-tape release U Gotta Feel Me both reached platinum. Unfortunately for him, things started to go south in 2005 after releasing his third album which never resonated with his fans. Lil Flip made another attempt to release an album which sold a measly 205 copies after having its release date pushed back several times to 2010. His financial woes came to light when he was arrested for credit card fraud, and his baby mama revealed that he only pays 500 USD in alimony. In 2013 he was arrested for possession of weed and illegal firearm which Lil Flip pleaded not guilty. Though he claims to be currently working independently, it has been argued that he has completely fallen off the rap music scene which is now being dominated by new rappers.