Chris Brown’s Daughter Turns 3 years Old And He Celebrates in Big Way

Chris Brown Daughter Turns 3! 


Early today, Chris Brown took to social media to wish his lovely princess Royalty, a happy third birthday. He shared photo of his adorable daughter cladded in a grey sweat suit and smiling boldly on his Instagram page with a love message for her. The celebrity who we all know seems to have issues when it comes to handling women having pleaded guilty to felony assault against Rihanna in 2009 and Baylee in 2016 seems humbled by his daughter.

Reporting to Ryan on E! News, the celebrity re-counted to have been a boisterous, hyper kid and his daughter is just a replica of that and taking care of her was just palliative and overwhelming. Latest gossip has it that he and his baby mama, Guzman, are on a co-parenting arrangement that forced her to move Los Angeles to bring Royalty close to her superstar father. Her mother Guzman admitted to celebrity news that co-parenting with the notorious rap star was daunting but all they have is to put their dissimilarities aside and be 100 percent hands-on available for their princess