Miss Black Texas Arrested , Because White Off Duty Officer Though She Cut Him Off??

Miss Black Texas Illegally Arrested By Angry Racist Cop



Miss Black Texas (Carmen Ponder, 23) was wrongfully arrested because she decided to go shopping at a local Wal-Mart and off duty officer  Texas Police Chief Kerry Crews buddy  was teaching his 14 year old daughter how to drive and he believed that she had cut them off. Ms. Ponder didn’t back down and the two began to argue in regards to why his 14 year daughter was driving in the first place. After the brief exchange Ms. Ponder went into the Wal-Mart and made a few purchases and on her way outside, that’s when she was confronted by another officer who demanded her to apologize to the Mr. Crews , without even listening to anything she had to say.

Ms. Ponder refused and was arrested and taken to jail.  The whole racist police department has made almost every attempt to cover up the illegal arrest, by claiming that chief  Crews  just so happened to be at that same Wal-Mart on his day off, but only interacted with Miss. Ponder when other officers showed up.

Oddly enough he was the same person who ordered that she be arrested???

-Lies , Lies , Lies