Future’s Ex Manager Requesting Judge To Freeze His Assets!

Future Might Not Have Any Comma’s Soon


Rapper Future is one of the most popular rapper’s in the country right now, and has a slew of billboard hits with millions of records sold.The biggest issue that rapper Future has been having is a previous contract that he had with his old record label ran by his ex-manager Rocko, were he had been signed to a multiple album deal.

Rocko alleges in his lawsuit  against Future and Epic records, that he was never compensated for Future, and by Epic records signing future his contracted with the rapper had been breached and someone needed to be cutting him a check. Rocko has made multiple request with Future about needing to buy out his contract with him, but Future obviously felt differently. Epic records has also not made any attempts to come to any agreements regarding the record deal; so now the lawyer’s are involved.

Rocko’s lawyer’s are now requesting that the judge overseeing the lawsuit place a freeze on Future’s Assets to prevent the rapper from doing any additional spending until the issue is resolved. The judge has not made any ruling on the request, but so far the future is looking grim.