53% Of American’s Now Officially Disapprove of President Donald Trump …Right Now

Donald Trump Approval Rating Keep’s Getting Lower


American voters  have not been very happy  with President Trump’s firing FBI  Director James Comey, due to the fact that most people believe that James Comey was only fired by president Trump because he refused to stop the  investigate Russian government efforts to influence the election and the Trump campaign. also majority opposes the Republican plan to replace Obamacare with the less popular Trumpcare  that most American’s have almost agreed that the new legislation is only away to give the rich big tax breaks and cuts and pull from the lower class earners.

Most supporters of the president are also unhappy with some of the campaign promises Donald Trump made on the campaign trail, where he claimed that he would be draining the swap on all  political scum and offer a better solution with new job creation and less influence by corporate lobbyist that were only trying to impose changes for the advancement of big business. Depending on how president Trump is able to navigate himself and his administration through this ongoing investigation will also be a real factor of if he is the real deal or just a crooked as he claimed Hilary Clinton to be.