Racist Amerikkka Judge Sentences Black Man To Prison, Even Though The Jury Found Him Not Guilty

Evil Judge Still convicts Black Male – Even Though He Was Innocent 


Judge John Niedrach was presiding over a case that accused a black male Ramad Chatman of being responsible for an armed robbery of a local convenience store back in 2014. Mr. Chatman  found out about the allegation and willingly turned himself into the police. Even though the police had no proof that Mr. Chatman was responsible for the crime that was committed, they still decided to arrest him and charge him for the robbery.

Ramad went to trail  were the only thing the police had supplied the jury with was a video of a black male robbing the store. The jury obviously did not agree with the grainy surveillance footage and the managers account of the robbery, so the jury found him not guilty on the charges…

Judge John Niedrach decided that the jury was wrong and decided that since the suspect in the video was black and Mr. Chatman was black, that was all he needed to convict.  Judge John Niedrach sentenced  him to 7 years in prison stating that he did do the robbery and violated the terms of his parole.

Never forget this guy’s name…… Judge John Niedrach – this is the kind of judge that will let rapist like Brock Turner serve 30 days in jail and convict a black male that was found innocent anyway. Please get this guy off the bench.