You Voted – Donald Trump Releases His Budget Plan That Will Be Cutting Medicaid By 800 Million Dollars

Welcome To Donald Trump’s America


Donald Trump may be out of the country right now as we speak, but his new budget proposal has already sent more American’s into a even greater uproar, due to the fact that the newest budget release was showing that major cuts will be coming to lower income families /elderly medicaid insurance coverage  up 800 million to be exact.

The new plan also appears that Mr. Trump will be taking aim at food stamps and other family care services and is planning on having these programs cut down by more than 25% on what he and the republican party has said is useless spending.

Altogether the 2018 budget plan will be slashing more than 1.25 trillion dollars from lower income households and we all know that they are not making any plans on passing any of these cuts to any of their rich golfing buddies.