Horror!!!! More Than 20 People Murdered in a Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert

Arina Grande Concert Blown up & 20 People Kilt


Pop superstar Ariana Grande concert was struck by tragedy  a huge explosion went off, just after the singer had finished preforming her last show of the day for fans in a sold out arena in the United Kingdom. Shortly after the performance ended you can hear a really loud explosion; which caused hundreds of terrified concert goers to flee the arena.

More than forty people have been reported with injuries and 20 others had been kilt by the massive blast. Police have released a brief statement regarding the tragic events that just took place and wanted to let everyone know they are considering this as a terrorist attack and are at this point in time trying to contact some of the victims families regarding the deadly  massacre.

The singer has taken to her twitter account sending her condolences to the victims families during this rough time and has offered her support in hopefully capturing this person.

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