The Firing of F.B.I Director Comey is Becoming Much Worse For The Trump Administration

Trump Administration is Scrambling


Robert Mueller was appointed by Justice Department to investigate the ties between Russian officials and Trump’s campaigns. Robert is a former F. B. I. director and is the lead on the investigation. This decision has been made by Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general.

The developments have taken place after Trump dismissed James Comey, the F. B. I. director. It was disclosed that Trump asked Comey to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser.

Mueller is a former federal prosecutor whose reputation is unblemished. The Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill hailed his appointment. They see him as the most credible enforcement official in the U.S.

President Trump stated that there was no collusion between his campaign and a foreign entity. He also promised to keep fighting for the U. S. citizens and the issues that matter to U. S.

The Republican chairmen of the Intelligence committees, Senate Judiciary and House Oversight committees requested Comey to testify before their panels. They also asked for documentation of Comey’s communication with his bosses in Trump and Obama administrations. This includes a memo Comey had written about Trump’s request that he stops the investigation into Flynn.

Mueller will be more autonomous than other federal prosecutors when running this investigation. However, he will answer to Rosenstein and to some extent, the president.

Mueller can choose to inform or consult the Justice Department as a special counsel. He has been given authority to investigate coordination and links between Russian government officials and Trump’s campaign officials.

Trump was informed of the matter when Rosenstein signed the order. He immediately summoned his top advisers. The advisers advised him to adopt a conciliatory stance. But, Jared Kushner, his son in law, advised him to counter attack. It is said that he had pushed Trump to fire the F. B. I. director. However, the counsel came to an agreement and a statement was drafted asserting Trump’s innocence and accepting Rosenstein’s decision.

Everyone is anxious to see the results of the investigation.