#LOL @Vp Mike Pence Get’s Shown No Love At Notre Dame

Mike Pence Speech at Notre Dame 


Vice President Mike Pence was at delivering his speech at the Notre Dame graduating class  and before the Vice President could utter one word out of his mouth- a sea of students began to get up and leave the ceremony, refusing to listen to anything he had to say. The students that took part in the mass walk out during the graduation ceremony  believe that Mike Pence has an extreme bias  when it comes to the people of the LGBT community and other people with different religious backgrounds.


Mike Pence was able to still successfully complete his speech with the student’s that stayed and were willing to listen. These occurrences have been happening more and more lately ; as the country has been going through a major divide when it come to women’s rights, LGBT rights and still the constant racism the other minorities are still having to deal with.