Mo’Nique Has Been Going in On Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels & Oprah

Mo’Nique is Coming For Blood!


Actress Mo’Nique has made it very clear that she feels that her acting career has been railroaded by none other than three of the most powerful African American figures in the entertainment industry and those people are none other than Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, & Oprah Winfrey, who Mo’Nique at one point had worked with all them with the popular movie starring Gabourey Sidibe “Precious”.

Even though the movie was a hit at the box office; bringing in over 43 million dollars in sales and winning multiple awards. The trouble all started before the movie was set to hit theaters ; Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels were needing Mo’Nique to be more available to guest appearances to promote the release of the new movie and also make some type of marketing effort to ensure the project was a success, they felt Mo’Nique failed to do.

Mo’Nique’s Career has definitely taken a huge fall ever since, if you go to her Wikipedia page right now you can see under her filmography how after the release of “Precious” in 2009, Mo’Nique has had only two projects in the last 7 years…Doe’s anyone feel that she might be telling the truth???