Does Anybody Realize How Much Steve Harvey Be Coonin??

Steve Harvey Has To Be The Worst Black Man Ever


Steve Harvey is one of the most successfully black entertainers in Hollywood right now, but always seems to go above in beyond for the love of money to sell himself like a cheap corner hooker. Really…has anyone ever noticed that whenever there some cooning to be done , look no further than Steve Harvey and he will make it happen.

Remember when restaurant Denny’s in the early 90’s was involved in a massive class action lawsuit for racial bias toward black customers, which the agreed to settle a class action lawsuit against them for over 54 million dollars????

Just in case you forgot……

Denny’s Serves Up A Grand Slam Of Racism By Forcing Black Family …

 Don’t forget who was front line and center for a commercial…..


let’s also not forget how he made a stand against Donald Trump Prior to him winning the 2016 election and how he could never support any person that would treat anyone in the manner that Donald Trump was treating people out on the campaign trail; during the presidential race.

Steve Harvey event treats his own staff like second class workers;He recently made headlines for a nasty memo he sent out to the staff of his show’s demanding that he be left alone while in his dressing room and that nobody should be speaking with him in the hallways or talking to him during his make-up time.