Wale Went on #EverydayStruggle To Prove To Dj Akademiks He is Not Corny

Wale and Dj Akademiks Square off on The Everyday Struggle


Rapper Wale has always been a really talented rapper, with a pretty decent catalog of music. The only one true issue that Wale has been having in the music industry is connecting with the fans and getting the fans to really show up and support him whenever he drops a new project or releases new music. Dj Akademiks has been really vocal about Wale not being able to release music that is connecting with fans which is causing his music to flop, while his peers such as Kendrick Lemar, J.Cole & Drake are able to sell over 300k first week , Rapper Wale has not be able to sell more than 30k. Dj Akademiks also stated that whenever Wale’s name comes up in conversations in hiphop  he is always labeled as corny or lame.

Wale and Dj Akademiks both spoke there points on Complex show “The Everyday Struggle” where Wale claimed that the only reason why Akademiks was stating these things about him is because he goes online and looks for only negative comments about him. Dj Akademiks stood his ground and still stuck to the fact that every time he reads the comment feed Wale is always talked about in a negative way, more so than positive.

Do You Think Wale is corny??