Spoiled Rich Woman 31, Kills Parent’s After Asking Her To Move Out

Rich Lady Gets Evicted and Kills Parents


Brittany Simpson is a 31 year old woman that has been living with her parents for way to long, in there South Carolina waterfront mansion. Ms. Simpsons parents in an attempt to allow their adult daughter to grow up and take some responsibility for herself, took her to court a requesting to have an eviction enforced; that would require her to move out of her parents home; effective immediately.

The judge agreed with Ms. Simpson’s parents and ordered her to move out of the residence following the eviction hearing. Brittney then decided rather than moving out of her parents home, she was going to kill her father while he slept that night.

Brittany decided creeping  into her sleeping father’s room that night and shooting the 66 year man in the chest with a 9 mm handgun and  staging the scene as if it was an attempted robbery by some home intruder. Police on the other hand did not believe Brittany’s story, because by doing a short span  of the backyard police were able to uncover the murder weapon used to execute her father and Ms. Simpson’s bloody clothes.