Republican Law Makers Are Skipping Town Hall Meetings , Due To Angry Voters

Republican’s Are Now Skipping Town Hall Meetings 


Republican law makers have been on the run from all there town hall meetings with all there local voters, due to the recent replacement attempt on repealing and replacing the Affordable Health Care or Obamacare (ACA). Many people have been left feeling that the republican party is going above and beyond to take away any additional assistance that many people have with pre-existing conditions , maternal leave and coverage; all while attempting to give larger tax breaks to the insurance providers and additional  tax credits to the wealthy.

The town hall meeting have gotten to be so intense that most of the congressmen either cancel the meeting altogether or have door to door law enforcement to keep the peace.

Media outlets such as Fox news and other outlets have also been claiming that these people are all paid protesters sent in by the democratic party to make the issue look worse than what it really is. (Fake News)


Does this look fake?