Mother Assaults Child For Making His Grandmother A Mother’s Day Card And Not Her!

Mother Attacks Child For Mother’s Day Card


Shontrell Murphy flew into a rage when she discovered that her son had make a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother and not her. Police reported that the Ms. Murphy began to beat the child on his head and smacking in the face multiple times, when she found out that her son had only made his grandmother a card and nothing for her. The grandmother told the police that the children were fearful of there mother and wanted to make sure the kids would not be returning to her care due to the abuse.

Shontrell did admit to the police she did strike the child; because she was upset that her child did not think of her, but did claim that she did not hit the child in a manner to do any true harm. Ms. Murphy has been arrested and charged with child cruelty.

The child had been taken to the hospital for treatment and later released to the custody of family.