Funk Flex Has Been Getting Clowned All Over Social Media About His Comments About 2pac

Funk Flex Getting Clowned

Funk Master Flex has risen a lot of commotion in the hip hop industry when he released a 10 minute rant video regarding the iconic rapper Tupac Shakur who has been deceased for well over 20 years , claiming that Tupac had shot himself when he was robbed and shot five times in a studio elevator after finishing his recording session. Funk Flex even decided to bring Rapper Lil Cease in on the conversation trying to attempt to have Cease speak on that night and what really happened. Lil Cease really didn’t confirm all of the accusations that Funk Master Flex had been claiming, although he did explain that he did hear that Tupac did attempt to pull his gun before the altercation and did shoot himself in the leg.

Funk Master Flex received backlash almost instantly from the hip hop community regarding his claims about Tupac shooting himself, most entertainers came to the defense of the decease rapper saying that Funk Flex was just looking for attention and why does he choose now to speak of Tupac shooting himself 20 years later after he has been dead

The Rant


Ti Dissing Funk Flex

Treach Dissing Funk Flex