Bow Wow (Shad Moss) Now Claims He Launched Chris Brown and Trey Songz Career

Bow Wow Back in The Headlines For Nothing Good

Rapper Bow Wow is back in the spotlight and not in a good way, this time the “Let me hold you” rapper is not false claiming that he is flying around the world on private jets, while he is really at the airport in LAX catching a flight on Delta Airlines with a standby ticket. The rapper has now went on record and claimed that he is the reason that Chris Brown and Trey Songz music careers are were they are right now and if it wasn’t for him putting both of them on in the music industry, the world may never have known who either one of them.

Obliviously that did not sit to well with Chris Brown or Trey Songz because right after Bow Wow made that claim, Trey Songz and Chris Brown immediately clapped back on social media, calling the rapper out for his stories again.