The Murder Of Jordan Edwards, Black Males Are Being Hunter By Police

Jordan Edwards 15 year old killed by police


Jordan Edwards was shot and killed on Saturday night as he and his  friends were leaving from a gathering where they had a party. That party had brought a ton of teens. So one neighbor called the policemen after believing  some of the teens had been possibly drinking while  underage .

Following the call Balch Springs police showed up to disperse  the crowd, Jordan Edward and his friends began leaving the party at law enforcement’s request. The group of  friends entered in a car which was driven by Jordan Edward’s older brother, and the vehicle then was set in motion moving forward leaving the premises and that’s when

 officer Roy Oliver  shot into the car with a rifle , hitting Jordan Edwards in the head and killing him.  The Balch Springs Police Department. Initially, Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber had said that the officer fired after the car forcefully drove toward him, and another police yet said later he misspoke.

The Body camera film showed that the car was driving forward far from the police officers and not driven toward them as they initially detailed.

The police officer’s conduct did not meet the core values as said by Haber.

The Police were spying on the house owner when bullets were purportedly overheard in the region thus generating disorder earlier than Jordan Edwards was killed, regarding Balch Springs Police Public Report by Police Oscar.

Haber refused to clarify on whether some bullets were confirmed shot or either the children in the vehicle were equipped as a mentioned by the continuing inquiry.

Merritt, the attorney representing Jordan Edwards family, showed  no  interest the policemen department original account of issues that the children in the car were forcefully accelerating the car towards the police officers. That was probably a bogus excuse.

 The justification was not there as reported by Merritt, Neither of the teenagers had any criminal backgrounds and no indication had so far presented by the police that the teens were trying to hurt them.