A Small Indian Girl Found Living With Monkeys In The Northern Forest

Girl Found Living With Monkeys


The Indian law enforcement agents have been in a recent review of missing children. The Indian police simply carried out this urgent review process to identify a missing girl who has been living with monkeys. The small girl was found unable to speak or communicate and should be around ten to twelve years old. When the girl was found in January, she looked emaciated and without wearing any clothes. She was immediately rushed to a nearby medical center in Bahraich, which is a city close to Uttar Pradesh state. Is your quest for a random weird news story that creates an instant emotion for the character involved? Reading through the rest part of the article will help you discover funny, strange news, current event.

The girl acted like an animal in several ways. She ate food off the floor with her mouth and ran on her legs and arms. The head of the government-run hospital confirmed these actions performed by the girl.

She started eating and walking like a normal human being after treatment. The small victimized girl can comprehend everything she is being told, but cannot communicate or speak even smiles. A police officer told the Associated Press that some woodcutters and hunters found the girl roaming and playing with monkeys. This led to a quick alert to the police to rescue the soul of the small girl. Viewers explained that the girl was comfortable and naked in the company of monkeys. The police officer in charge mentioned that they were refuted by the monkeys when planning to rescue the girl.

A police officer in the Katarniya Ghat forest range later rescued the girl. Though, the officer was attacked by monkeys whenever he calls the girl. Nevertheless, the girl was rescued by the police officer in the long run. The officer conveyed the girl in his car and speed off while the animals pursued. It is still being investigated how the girl entered the company of monkeys in the first place. The little girl will be under thorough care before identification is done.