The Many, Many Lies Of Sean Spicer

The Many Lies Of Sean Spicer

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The Press Secretary of the Trump Administration has repeated errors on several occasions, but claims to be factual at every instance. While in the press core or briefing, Sean Spicer may unleash information that keep reporters thinking twice before writing or reporting. Is your quest for Sean Spicer, Trump Administration or the Press Secretary of the new US government? Are you pondering on the many lies of Sean Spicer? Well, this article will help you see some unequivocal lies that Spicer has told in just less eighty days of the Trump Administration.

Sean Spicer mentioned that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman played a restricted role for a limited amount of time. This statement is simply a blatant lie and a reporter confronted Spicer about it. After a New York Times reporter claimed that Trump’s former campaign chairman received $12.7 million, these secret cash payments led to the resignation of Paul Manafort.

Spicer accentuated in another instance that a Fox News anchor mentioned that the British intelligence had spied on the then candidate Donald Trump. Spicer continued by saying that the operation occurred under the administration of the former US President Barrack Obama. At a House Intelligence Committee hearing, FBI Director refuted the claim that nothing of such occurred.

Even on Trump’s Inauguration Day, Sean Spicer proclaimed emphatically that the crowd size remains the biggest that the country has experienced in recent years.

When it was clear that Navy Secretary nominee Philip Bilden is planning to withdraw, Spicer again denied and claimed pending Senate confirmation. In a week later, Philip Bilden withdrew his bid for the position and the truth was eminent. Sean often brings mixed information to the press core podium and prove to be factual over everything he says.

It is left to the US citizens to be careful and attentive when listing to any briefing from the Press Secretary of the Trump’s Administration.