Can Conor Mcgregor Beat Floyd Mayweather

Can Conor Mcgregor Beat Floyd Mayweather


As a die-hard fan of both MMA and boxing, I consider it an insult to boxing to even think that Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

Here is a man, who has boxed his entire life. He has been fighting the best, but he always emerges victorious. You know why? In my opinion, Mayweather is the BEST DEFENSIVE boxer of all-time. I believe there are other great boxers such as Tyson and Ali just to mention a few, but when it comes to Mayweather the skill is hammered in his brains.

He is an actual burden to any of his opponents, and frustrating as well. The guy ‘destroys’ his opponents by making them miss in every punch they throw.

He has plenty of defensive technique that makes him stand out from the rest. Mayweather’s reflexes are incredible. INCREDIBLE. I had to put it across twice to be certain you get it.

His defensive skill is far-fetched, how he uses his left shoulder is remarkable. He is popular for this technique. With five global title belts in five weight contests, Floyd Mayweather is among the unsurpassed greatest boxers.

Conor McGregor is at the peak of his game possessing two UFC Title belts in two weight contests. McGregor called Mayweather to fight and analysts immediately began comparing the two.

McGregor has excellent ability to strike. But does that make him a boxer? Mayweather is unbeatable, although, in his entire boxing career, he has never had an MMA fighter as an opponent. Who will emerge the winner in this matchup?

McGregor is undeniably good. Nevertheless, is he good enough to step in the ring of one of the world best boxers? Shannon Sharpe –from undisputed- said: “when we are talking about boxing, it’s impolite to even think Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather.”

The thing you will fall in love with about Conor McGregor is the ability to speak good game and following it. At times it feels as if he wins his fights by absolute force of will. You might call him overconfident, but he would stare at you and say to your face, “I’m just the best.”

Boxing is an art which Mayweather has been committed to in his whole career. Do not get me wrong, this is not to look down on Conor McGregor, but he cannot introduce anything in the boxing world that Mayweather cannot handle.

Most people concur that McGregor has no shot against Mayweather in a boxing match. Nonetheless, Mcgregor’s striking techniques cannot be matched with several MMA fighters, he is really good. However, he probably might not be able to land any strikes of significance against one of the world greatest defensive boxers.

During his 49-fight career, Floyd Mayweather has only been knocked down once. As we all know he have been making a living out of evading punches from several great boxers of his generation. Do you think he would experience any difficulty doing what he does best against a fighter who would be making a change to a completely new sport?

By contrast, Mayweather is undefeatable in 49 Professional boxing contests and just 3 of his most recent 15 wins have come by TKO or KO.

The 40-year-old boxer is famous for his forensic fighting skills and the capability to outwit his opponent. As no one has beaten him still, I do not believe the outcome of a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor matchup is a given up conclusion